Pura Vida Sunsets – Montezuma

Montezuma Real Estate – Master Plan

Owner Financing is now available for all our lots. Put 50% down, and pay the rest over for 4 years, with 6% annual interest rate. Contact us for details.

Below you can see a map of the lots that are available or already sold.


1. Does the lot include a house? No, house options are shown on our website here: House Options.
2. Do I have to build one of your designs? No, you can build anything you want. Our designs are just for inspiration and are an option if you like.
3. Do I have to build within a certain time? No, you have no obligation to ever build.
4. Am I required to use green building techniques? By Costa Rica law, we can’t require you to build any particular way. So, we are careful to interview anyone who is interested in becoming part of Pura Vida Sunsets to make sure they share our values of sustainability, toxic-free living, peace, and community.

Montezuma Real Estate - Eco Village Lots for Sale

For a map of the location of where Pura Vida Sunsets is located, click here: Southern Nicoya Peninsula Map.

Lot# 1: Mountain Views (SOLD)
Costa Rica sustainable community

Lot# 2: Joy’s House 1.5BR/1BA (Sold)
Lot 2 House - 700px

Lot# 3: Mountain Views (Available now – $19,000)
Eco Village in Montezuma, Costa Rica

Lot# 4-6: Casa Divina Vacation Rental Villa – One of Montezuma’s most beautiful rental villas is part of Pura Vida Sunsets. This gorgeous 3BR/2BA house ranges in price from $125-$400/nt depending on various things. The availability calendar is here: Casa Divina Rates and Availability

Lot 5 House - Casa Divina - 700px

Lot# 7: Mountain Views (Available now – $30,000)
Lot 7

Lot# 8: (Sold)
Sustainable Eco Village in Costa Rica

Lot# 9: (Unfinished 1BR/2BA 2-story house for sale. Click here for Price and details: Tropisphere 2-338)
Lot 9 House - 700px

Lot# 10: (Available Now – $19,000)
Sustainable Living in Costa Rica

Lot# 11: (Available Now – $19,000)
Pura Vida Sunsets Costa Rica

Lot# 12: (Available Now – $19,000) – This lot has the most flat space, access to the creek, and has our community’s well and water tank.
Eco Village in Costa Rica

Lot# 13: (Available Now – $19,000)
Pura Vida Sunsets Eco Village


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