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The houses shown here were designed to give our clients an idea of what direction we’re going in for the style. We intend to work with each client individually to design the perfect house according to their dreams and needs. The houses shown here are designed to be as problem-free as possible, since building in Costa Rica, especially in a remote area such as Montezuma, is a challenge. We focused on having lots of covered outdoor living space, lots of natural light, and great air flow within each house, to keep energy use very low.

Please note that these are approximate prices for just the house, as shown, including lights, fans, bathroom fixtures, etc, but not including appliances such as a refrigerator, oven, washer/dryer, solar-power systems, etc. It doesn’t include the price of the land, so please take that into consideration when calculating what you might spend, and be sure to add the cost of your lot plus the cost of the house. A full set of appliances may cost you another $5000 depending on what you get.

Finished House For Sale! The house built on lot #2 is now for sale for only $120K! See the details here: http://www.tropisphere.com/property/brandnew-1-5-br-home/

Recently, due to the worldwide economic slowdown, we’ve noticed more interest in less expensive houses in the $75,000 range. We can definitely build you a great little eco house for the price. It would have a lot of covered outside space, a small bedroom or two, and simple form, but would still be very cute and livable.

Are these houses a good investment? Yes! Do the research… check out a website of local real estate such as Tropisphere and you’ll see that there are virtually no good small houses in this price range available. This means that once your house is completed, it will be already worth substantially more than you paid for it.

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Costa Rica Eco HouseCasa Feliz

Total Size: 149m2 (1550 ft2)

Price: $150,000

Costa Rica Eco House
Casa Amapola

Total Size: 181m2 (1882 ft2)

Price: $180,000

Costa Rica Eco House
Eco Temple

Total Size: 205m2 (2130 ft2)

Price: $205,000

Costa Rica Eco House
Casa Heliconia

Total Size: 210m2 (2180ft2)

Price: $210,000


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